Retail Industry

Since the reform and opening up, with the changes in consumer demand and the intensification of competition in the retail market, new retail formats such as large supermarkets, convenience stores and specialty stores have developed rapidly, becoming the main driving force for the expansion of China's retail industry.The expansion of the size will greatly reduce the operating costs of enterprises and produce economies of scale. However, the management of many commercial enterprises mainly relies on traditional management methods and approaches. In addition to lack of innovation and market segmentation, standardized management is insufficient in terms of product mix, service standards, prices, promotions and store layout.

How can physical channels use their own characteristics to increase sales rate in the text of severe challenges? How do physical channels attract customers through quality customer experiences? How to retain customers in physical channels in the face of the rise of virtual channels? How to make customers buy more in physical channels?

Service Types

Typical Services

Shopper study

Through observation and research on the trajectory, habit and manner of the consumers' shopping process in the retail terminal, knowledge about consumers' eventual decision-making process is gained to help you optimize the category layout, product display and store promotion and enhance the sales capacity.

Customer satisfaction research

Customer perceptions are comprehensively assessed based on the products and services provided in the retail terminal, hardware and software in the store, cost performance and other factors to provide you with recommendations for improving customer satisfaction with the products and services.

Mystery customer solutions

The retail terminal is tested from the perspective of real customer experience to help enterprises improve the quality of retail terminal services. Besides, monitoring of the consistency of retail terminal services is provided to help enterprises promote the implementation of service standards for retail terminals.

Classic Cases

Retail Industry

CRM smart solution for cosmetics

Cooperation background

A cosmetics brand's demand for customer marketing strategies and CRM planning


Through data analysis, HCR starts with the product path and develops a regular communication plan based on the natural repurchase time of each product to remind and motivate customers to repurchase regularly. Based on the intersection, inclusion and progressive relationship of different groups of people in the product path, the growth cues based on product cross-recommendations are determined. Old customers are encouraged to repurchase regularly and customers' annual communication path is integrated to ensure product purchase within the customer circle and the most possible out-of-circle product extension and to achieve automatic management of the customer life cycle.

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