Business Consulting

HCR will help you make business decisions!

We Provide You With

Real and detailed information and data
Case study, analysis and insight

Typical Services

IOB™ industry research

HCR will provide businesses with solutions that have an impact on the business model from the perspective of corporate business.

We provide you with

Industry consulting and insight of the big market
Industry consulting and insight of market segments

We have

Senior research experts specializing in various industries
Over 20 years of professional research experience in more than 160 sub-sectors

Entry Compass™ market entry

HCR will ensure that businesses are provided with executable market entry advice.。

We provide you with

Market entry models for various industries
Research on each case for acquisition of separate first-hand data

CI Radar™ competitive intelligence

We provide you with

Detailed and accurate competitive intelligence and data
Analysis and insight of information

IPO consulting service

Market segment research & fundraising feasibility study

We provide you with

Business and technology chapters as well as industry overview in the corporate prospectus
Professional, detailed and accurate industry research support
An escort for successful corporate declaration
Professional advice for fundraising projects of to-be-listed businesses
Design and drafting of the feasibility study report on reasonable projects

Business due diligence

We have a large network of resources, a professional research team, and an investigation and survey execution team covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities of China. HCR provides qualitative subject research and quantitative data investigation and research for equity investment funds and corporate customers, so as to achieve comprehensive investigation and survey of internal and external situations of businesses.

We provide you with the following information about the party involved:

Financial situation
Operation and management
Corporate business models

Background check

HCR investigates the history and current situation of target businesses or individuals according to customer requirements.

We provide you with the following information of businesses or individuals

Development overview
Judicial risks
Corporate operation risks
Operating conditions
Intellectual property

HCR will conduct research in multiple dimensions for you, identify potential hazards, and help customers avoid investment risks.

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