Tobacco Industry

The Chinese tobacco industry has always explored ways to develop between an increasingly strict tobacco control policy and a mission to protect China's fiscal revenue.

Along with the health requirements brought about by the improvement of people's living standards and the demand for upgraded experience derived from product technology innovation, new tobacco products such as e-cigarettes have developed rapidly.

Besides, under the conditions of an increasingly tightening tobacco control environment, the implementation of tobacco control in various places is further improved.

In recent years, the growth rate of the single-box structure in the tobacco industry has slowed down, and even some provincial-level markets have experienced negative growth.

How to achieve steady, sustained and healthy improvement in today's tobacco control environment and in the context of increasingly fierce competition in the industry? How to build core competitiveness in homogenization competition and effectively improve product satisfaction? How to promote product marketing? How to cultivate new products? How to do business collaboration? How to improve the overall level of employees? These are issues that need to be studied and solved in the cigarette industry, commercial enterprises and terminal retail links.

Service Types

Typical Services

Cigarette consumer satisfaction evaluation and improvement

Emphasizing the management and evaluation of business partnerships, we focus on exploring the trust, justice, sharing, reciprocity and security relationships between enterprises.

We also pay attention to customer satisfaction evaluation on such as product and brand image, promotion and popularization, order and delivery services, and law enforcement and complaint services, evaluate the influence of the indicator system, discover the behaviors of unsatisfied or disloyal customers, study customer complaints and mine service weakness.

On that basis, we make corresponding satisfaction repair and improvements and conduct continuous satisfaction tracking and assessment.

Innovative product research and marketing plan

We position and evaluate the core values of tobacco brands, plan tobacco-related festival activities and provide complete theme activity programs, product development plans and new product marketing plans.

We put forth effort to study the development trend of the tobacco industry and the development trend of new tobacco products, provide creative designs for series of products including thematic planning, terminal promotion, tobacco packaging, etc. and disseminate and promote products according to laws and regulations by use of we-media, big data, Internet and other new propagation modes.

Terminal promotion

We conduct field visits to high-quality retail terminals to maintain customer emotional relationship and establish information collection points.

We help customers to maintain key retail terminals, and provide research and guidance on retail terminal brand purchase plans, effective display and publicity policies.

We give full play to our accumulated resource advantages to promote the establishment of scenario marketing and layer resources to enhance the visibility and penetration of products rapidly.

We also conduct special marketing promotion through special topics such as festivals and celebrations.

Classic Cases


A cigarette information survey project

Cooperation background

The client intended to develop high-end and high-priced cigarette development strategy, brand cultivation strategy and product launch strategy that were in line with the development rules of the industry and suitable for the development of the brand itself through survey on high-end and high-priced markets.


We conducted the survey on the current status of high-end and high-priced cigarette market to know the development of the market and analyzed the shortcomings in the development of its high-end and high-priced cigarette brands, made judgment on the future development trend of the overall market, and provided corresponding strategic suggestions for the future development of its high-end and high-priced cigarette brands.

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