Financial Industry

The marketization of interest rates has accelerated, the financial disintermediation has begun to take shape, and domestic financial reforms have made great strides. How can the unique advantages of traditional channels be used in the wave of reforms to successfully realize the transformation of outlets? Private banks have opened their doors, and foreign banks have started pilot operations in the free trade zones. The competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. How to build core competitiveness in homogenization competition and effectively improve customer satisfaction? Internet finance is attacking fiercely, emerging payment methods have subverted traditional thinking, and financial innovation is on the rise. How to understand the changing trend of customer demand under the Internet thinking mode and calmly face shocks and challenges? The quality of the sellers' reports varies. How to further enhance the service value of traditional brokerage research and meet the core needs of corporate buyers? Dragons and fishes jumble together in the equity investment field. How to identify high-quality targets and management and avoid investment risks?

We provide a full range of research and consulting services and data solutions for banks, brokerage firms, equity investment funds, hedge funds, insurance agencies and other financial institutions.

Service Types

HCR Finance provides research and consulting services for banks, brokerage firms, equity investment funds, hedge funds, insurance agencies and other financial institutions in the following areas.

Typical Services

Customer voice / customer satisfaction research

A huge CATI center and a strict standardized operation procedure help you accurately measure the satisfaction with major products, services and channels; unique model analysis and multi-dimensional satisfaction driver analysis help you accurately identify the short board of improvement.

In addition to regular barometer research, customer voice research and analysis for specific issues are also provided.

Network service marketing monitoring and promotion

Mystery customer implementation networks and technologies are professionally created. Real customer experience is used to detect the implementation of online store service standards. Apps, mobile application terminals, are used to truthfully and accurately record the status quo. Through timely recovery of data and strict control of quality, you are helped to grasp the status of outlets in a timely and accurate manner.

In addition to regular mystery customers' unannounced visits, counseling and guidance for outlets' serving and sales capabilities are provided to help you build a outlet service and sales system and to effectively improve outlets' serving and marketing capabilities.

CRM data mining

Through CRM's hierarchical research on users, you are helped to accurately understand the characteristics of customer groups, to identify the relationship between products and products for the purpose of clarifying the relationship between users' use of entry-level products and value-added products, and to identify the relationship between products and people for the purpose of achieving precision marketing and increasing the sales success rate.

Brand research

Through accurate and objective measurement of brand perceptions, images and attitudes, enterprises are helped to understand the degree of alignment between their own positioning and public impressions, to accurately position their brands, to develop brand strategies, and to establish a good image.

Public opinion monitoring and communication effectiveness evaluation

Through comprehensive monitoring of all-media (from traditional media such as radio, television, and outdoor to the Internet and social media), we can promptly and accurately discover public comments on the enterprises and public responses to related events and analyze an event's rules of communication from outbreak of warning to communication tracking as well as the effects of public communication, helping you comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of public relations.

Expert interviews

With the resources of tens of thousands of industry experts and mature project teams accumulated over a long term, HCR provides expert interview services for the world's leading consulting groups, financial institutions and corporate customers.

It helps customers to find, study and participate in opportunities for investment and business development in China.

Its experts cover all industries, including medicine and medical services, TMT, consumer retail, energy and chemicals, transportation and logistics, and financial services.

Due diligence

Due diligence is an important part of the corporate investment process.

With a large network of expert resources, a team of professional researchers, and a research and execution team covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities of China, HCR provides professional, business due diligence and management background investigation services for equity investment funds and corporate customers, and discovers potential dangers, helping customers avoid investment risks.

Classic Cases

Financial Industry

A brokerage firm commissioned HCR to recruit domestic CPU senior experts for roa


Along with the evolution of Sino-US trade frictions, the incident that the US stopped chip shipments to ZTE alarmed China's independent controllable industries. Increasing the proportion of independent controllable products has become an urgent problem to be solved. Under this background, the status and the trend of future development of domestic CPUs have attracted the attention from the investment community.


We stood out among the many suppliers of the brokerage firm and helped it recruit a senior CPU expert promptly. More than a dozen road shows successfully took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, helping its customers quickly and fully understand the competition in the domestic CPU market, performance comparison, technical difficulties and breakthroughs, future development planning, state support and trends, domestic independent controllable bidding, and downstream manufacturers' products. The efficient, fast and accurate expert interview service helped the brokerage firm win reputation and returns from investment institutions, and therefore we were highly recognized by the customer.


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