Environmental Protection Industry

It is clearly pointed out in the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that "the construction of ecological civilization is a millennium strategy for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. It is necessary to establish and practice the concept that green hills and clear waters are gold and silver mountains, to adhere to the basic national policy of resource conservation and environment protection, to coordinate systematic governance of mountains, waters, woods, lands, lakes and grasslands, and to implement the most stringent ecological environmental protection system."

As a comprehensive environmental protection company specializing in environmental monitoring, analysis and management, Beijing Huichen Wisdom Ecological Environment Technology Co., Ltd. aims to become China's first brand of big data on environmental protection. It provides customers with systematic solutions for intelligent environmental protection (monitoring, analysis, tracing and early warning) and governance combining environmental protection with technologies (big data + AI algorithm + blockchain) to help realize blue sky, white clouds, clear waters, green mountains, and ecological, civilized cities.The environmental protection technologies are backed by an expert team of academicians from the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beihang University and China National Petroleum Corporation (HSE) Safety and Environmental Technology Research Institute. The big data and algorithm modeling team is mainly supported by computer doctors of Tsinghua University. The comprehensive business capability is at the leading level in China!

Service Types

Typical Services

Automatic monitoring of atmospheric pollutants

Relying on an expert team of academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University, based on the comprehensive information of the monitored areas such as geographical environment, five meteorological parameters, key pollution sources, and characteristic factors of corporate emission pollutants, a grid-based online monitoring and early warning system with scientific layouts and complete configurations is built, to realize high time-space, multi-dimensional, real-time dynamic monitoring, to comprehensively grasp the emission data of the monitored areas, to quickly capture abnormal discharge of pollutants, and to achieve real-time warning.

Environmental monitoring big data cloud platform

The regional environmental quality grid-based monitoring data are combined with the self-learning neural network and other methods to establish an environmental pollution rapid decision-making and assessment system for real-time online monitoring, dynamic tracing, early warning and forecast, and intelligent reporting of pollution factors.

Water pollution control big data analysis and decision-making support platform

With respect to water pollution control, through sampling and analysis of pollution factors in the treatment area, based on big data, neural network and other methods, the distribution of major pollution sources and that of concentration of major pollution factors in the area are determined, and a feasible governance plan is proposed, to provide intelligent analysis and decision-making for water pollution control in the area.

Classic Cases

Environmental Protection Industry

Public opinion monitoring and insight services for well-known domestic car compa

Cooperation background

A car company constantly introduces new models to build its own brand and lead the image. It is necessary to learn about the spread and landing of the group and other car models as well as the online reputation, to maintain the reputation of the brand and products in time, and to guide the public opinions.


Different service systems are created for the two major modules of the company. The group is mainly concerned about the development of itself and competitive companies. The analysis focuses on the trend of industrial development to provide strategic support for corporate publicity of significant events and crisis management. At the level of models and products, the following services are provided, such as building of public opinion monitoring systems, timely study, judgment and notification of negatives, monitoring of public relations manuscript landing, evaluation of the effect of marketing events, tracking and monitoring of reputation of models and products, and optimization-oriented construction of media portfolios.

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