Enterprise Visions

Respected World-class Data Intelligence Company

Enterprise Mission

Make Business More Intelligent

Make customer's decision more scientific

Make customer's operation more effective


Six Values

Customers foremost

Struggle oriented

Focus on the needs of customers,

and fulfill customers’ value perpetually

Motivate employees to struggle,

and realize our dreams continuously


We spare no efforts to win a victory

Take on responsibilities positively and establish challenging goals

Keep optimistic, have the courage to struggle and take the initiative to find and solve problems

Be full of passion, strive to be the first and get things done

We work on helping customers to succeed

Be responsive to customers in time and solve practical problems efficiently for customers

Attach importance to process, details and quality and provide customers with excellent delivery

Surpass customers’ expectations and provide perfect experience for customers

We create more value for customers

Be good at reflection, summary and learning, and improve the work method continuously

Upgrade and update continuously to provide customers with more innovative delivery

Actively explore and make attempts, aiming to make breakthroughs in technology and service

We create mutually trustworthy teams

Make our own resources available to partners voluntarily

Take an initiative to connect other people to conduct cooperation across departments and industries

Be inclusive mutually and complementary actively, striving to achieve greater undertakings

We advocate a simple and transparent atmosphere

Speak frankly and talk over problems on the table

Live up to and be as good as one's word, and conform to standards

Treat people justly and deal with things fairly

Vehicle of “Five Ones” for Culture