Communication Research

HCR communication research uses Internet to conduct advertising tests with a large amount of samples to generate an ad effect database, which helps businesses quickly identify and improve ads.

Unique Analytical Methods Helpful to Businesses

Determining the contribution of each ad / event to the overall improvement of the brand
More accurate and rational use of funds for promotion events to achieve better results

Communication Process

Before the launch

Where to launch?

MBH™ media habit

What to launch?

Creativity: Advertising creative test ADIChecker™

Concept: Advertising concept test ADCChecker™

Story edition: Story edition test ADSChecker™

Advertising: Pre-advertising test ADPre™

After the launch

How's the effect?

Advertising: Post-advertising test ADPst™

Ad tracking ADTracker™

Event: Event effectiveness assessment EE™

Brand: Brand performance BObserver™

Brand tracking BTracker™

Business: Corporate reputation CRTM

Typical Services

ADPre™ pre-advertising testing

By adopting an Internet-based test method, ADPre™ can quickly collect test results with a large amount of samples covering the entire country, making the results more accurate and convincing.

ADTracker™ ad tracking

ADTracker™ not only helps you track brand performance for a long time, but also separately identifies the role of each ad / event in the overall effect of brand performance improvement, thereby to evaluate the ROI of each ad / event, and to help you use the promotion event funds more accurately and reasonably and achieve better results.

The marketing effectiveness evaluation system, which accurately judges the marketing effectiveness by comparison under unified standards, mainly evaluates from the following two aspects and comprehensively and objectively reflects the effect of corporate marketing events, including that of events and that of advertising, helping businesses effectively manage public relations objectives, and providing valuable information at the level of strategies, tactics and actions. We provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of marketing events and form a virtuous circle of communication.

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