As the automobile market enters a period of steady growth, car companies have been gradually shifting from the original sales to the post market and from the original expansion of dealers to the promotion of dealer capacity, and have been more concerned about the services, spare parts, boutiques, used cars and financial insurance.What can be done to promote improvement and enhancement of the profitability / management capabilities of manufacturers / distributors in this context?

As the consumption of car buyers becomes more rational and the personalized demands become more and more distinct, car consumption not only emphasizes simple practicality and functionality, but also pays attention to the emotional appeals such as appearance and design of car products.In this case, it is especially important to understand the characteristics and needs of consumers and to create products that meet the needs of users.

Service Types

Typical Services

Model testing

In addition to helping you evaluate the model from the perspective of consumers, the perspective of dealers is also introduced to help you evaluate the model from a professional perspective. The self-developed app is used to achieve synchronization and statistical analysis of the test data and allow you to keep track of the test results and feedback at any time, helpful to the successful marketing or marketing verification of new products.

Spare part price benchmarking and peripheral market research

With more than ten years of spare parts research, we have accumulated a rich basic database of spare parts prices. Based on long-term tracking and monitoring of spare parts prices and peripheral markets, we can provide customized spare parts research solutions as decision-making reference for the OEM's spare parts pricing / price adjustment, supplier control, and management of impact from external markets.

Pre-sales / after-sales satisfaction survey

With more than 400 seats as well as professional and streamlined interviewer training and management, the self-built and self-supporting CATI Center provides you with high quality data results. The forward-looking satisfaction model not only considers the service process, but also pays attention to the user experience, intending to provide a complete and executable solution for improvement of your satisfaction.

Classic Cases


In-depth analysis of newly marketed models

Cooperation background

Behaviors like how a large car manufacturer pays attention to, chooses and makes decisions on the consumers of a model are analyzed.


Data are collected through the entire media's public opinion monitoring systems, the data search platforms and others. In-depth analysis of the information regarding customers' concern about the new model, discussions of the selection, key points of decision-making, and related factors of subsequent purchase are carried out through artificial intelligence such as natural language analysis, to learn about the motives of customer purchase as well as the opinions on comparison between the new model and other models, thereby to ultimately achieve effective tracking and guidance.

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