Data Implementation

CRM intelligent solution

Through our full data driven CRM system, enterprises are able to realize the accurate marketing and customer relationship maintenance in multiple scenarios to enhance the existing customer value. Based on the combination of IT technology, data mining technology and science of marketing, we provide comprehensive CRM solutions to help customers to design, evaluate and execute CRM plans and offer operational improvement suggestions or intelligently help enterprises to directly acquire new customers.

CEM interactive marketing

Our team has a wealth of experience in dual-micro operation, community maintenance, product experience design optimization and possesses the full-process closed-loop service capabilities from research, planning, design to development. Centering on products, we can provide services such as online planning, advanced copywriting, experience optimization, visual design, front-end development, data analysis, and video and audio production.

Artificial intelligence technology output

We combine the big data of the vertical industry with artificial intelligence to realize the automatic professional analysis. By virtue of the latest artificial intelligence technology (deep learning, etc.), we apply the big data analysis modeling capability to more vertical industries to provide professional analysis services in productized and automatic modes. For example, we make analysis based on the education related big data and guide the education industry to provide students with individualized teaching services. In the data center of the computer room, we advice to achieve operational efficiency optimization and energy conservation & emission reduction through the intelligent analysis and control modeling based on the IoT big data.

Government big data

With the acceleration of government informatization construction, the business data of government departments grow rapidly in terms of size and type. HCR's government big data platform integrates various data resources such as of the society, economy, governments and enterprises, summarizes the urban physical fitness index and makes correlation analysis to predict the urban development tendency and mine potential rules so as to provide governments with the basis for decision making. Moreover, HCR serves different industries according to different government management entities through such as the safety production big data platform collecting various types of safety production data and the regional macroeconomic big data platform.

Smart city series

Relying on the overall planning of the national informatization development strategy, HCR takes great pains to promote the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and urban modernization, deeply mine the business needs of governments. Aiming at improving the urban governance and service level and focusing on the service for people, HCR devotes to the construction of new smart cities and the provision of a package of smart city construction services integrating business consulting, top-level design, software development, and operation management.

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