Channel Research

We Provide You With

Timely monitoring of channel operations
Effective ways to improve channel capacity

Service Scenarios


Preparation for channel building

Cdevelop™ channel development

Channel standard

CAudit™ channel audit


Standard implementation

CMonitor™ channel monitoring

Service management

SF™ terminal sales capacity research

BJ™ perfect experience

Typical Services

Cdevelop™ channel development

CDevelop™ helps to make corporate channel expansion more effective based on the original four-force model (attraction, trust, adhesion and sales capacity), as well as the characteristics of corporate channels.

We provide you with:

Consumers and brands
Tailor-made terminal competitiveness evaluation systems for businesses
Helping businesses conduct competitive evaluation, business district selection, site selection and store layout design

C.Audit™ channel audit

C.Audit™ helps businesses audit the effectiveness of various market expenses released through inventory check, terminal routine inspection, price inspection, designated model purchase, and verification of the authenticity of sales orders.

We have:

Experts with an industry background of extensive channel operations
Rich project experience in various industries (IT, home appliance, mobile phone, automobile, clothing and hotel)
A self-owned audit team covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities and radiating the towns

"C.Audit™ for Build new stores" store inspection and acceptance

"C.AuditTM for Build new stores" helps businesses effectively manage store construction resources.

We provide you with:

Transformation of decoration and design elements into an assessable and quantifiable acceptance indicator system
A professional acceptance team covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities of China and radiating the towns

CMonitor™ channel monitoring

CMonitor™ monitors all users' touch points which cover the entire process of the terminal channel and runs through the entire process of sales, service and marketing of terminal operations.

We have:

Front-line operational staff of more than 5,000 members covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities and radiating the towns
A self-owned team of more than 1,000 members able to give feedback on terminal monitoring results within 24 hours and respond quickly to the monitoring needs of the headquarters

SF™ terminal sales capacity research

SF™ discovers and solves the transaction conversion rate problem through in-depth exploration of experiential marketing;
Businesses are helped to improve the sales capacity of terminal personnel and improve the conversion rate of terminal transactions.

BJ™ perfect experience

BJ™ combines the findings of customer experience experts with true customer experiences;
Businesses are helped to improve the long process of shopping / service, giving customers a perfect experience.

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