Data Integration

Data Integration is the Value of Big Data!

Current market dilemmas

"Fundamental Needs of Customers"

The commercial value of big data can be fully exploited only by the achievement of one-stop data access, analysis and application through the sharing of data of all platforms and fields.

HCR Advantages in Data Integration

Data Source

Big data

Small data

Privatization Deployment

HCR can make privatization deployment on enterprises' channel data such as CRM, ERP, PLM, etc.

Data Search Engine

Based on the combination with data engine platforms, HCR can use the industry-leading search technology to integrate multi-source data and clean, sort out and label the data in different categories and forms.

Labeling System

Dimensional Composition

More than 3000 User Tags

Covering e-commerce, finance, tourism, games, real estate, automobiles and other vertical industries

Technical Methods

Data Collection and Integration

Data Collation and Labeling

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