Medical Industry

China's medical market is full of changes. In recent years, a number of medical reform policies were introduced frequently. The new policies have sent a very clear signal to the pharmaceutical market, that is, the reform of the pharmaceutical industry has entered a stage of comprehensive deepening. It is a top priority for all market participants to seize the opportunity and actively change. More than ever before, medical enterprises need to keep up with market changes, gain new insights, and adjust their own strategies.

Is it enough for us to understand and study the market only from the perspective of demand? Can we gain a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the market by adopting this bottom-up approach? Can we give influential advice to enterprises?

HCR's medical business division consists of medical business consulting, medical research and medical big data / CRM team, providing customers with insights on the ends of supply (top-down) and demand (bottom-up). Also, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other technologies are used to classify and label customers, and to achieve individualized marketing management.

Service Types

Special Services

Market opportunity assessment and forecast

With rich market forecast experience, senior HCR research experts, who worked in the BD / strategic marketing department of well-known multinational medical companies, we provide you with predictions and consulting advice on market opportunities. With more than a decade of experience in various therapeutic areas covering nerves, cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory, urinary, severe, oncology, metabolism, immunity, infectious diseases, pediatrics and gynecology, we provide you with practical and executable solutions.
HCR's unique databases such as HCPTags, CHISD and hospital databases can provide multi-dimensional market assessment tools to help customers fully understand the target areas.

Brand positioning and market segmentation

Based on HCR's market segmentation and product positioning research system (Position Excellence Framework), we will analyze the market segment not only at the level of doctors, but also in the dimensions of patients, hospitals, regions and sales models, to provide you with executable segmentation and targeting options that are tailored to the business.

Competitive situation and intelligence

A full-time medical business consulting team, a mature competitive intelligence methodology (CI Radar), and more than 10 years of monitoring of competitions in the medical industry constitute the core competitiveness of HCR's medical competitive intelligence service. We also provide customers with integrated market insights with the assistance of demand-side market research.

Marketing performance tracking and evaluation

In addition to regular tracking data analysis, we will also jointly analyze the reasons for post-marketing performance as well as changes in behaviors and attitudes of doctors and patients based on the two data sources of social media and competitive intelligence, to provide effective data support and analysis recommendations for your post-marketing strategies.

Customer relationship management & individualized marketing solutions

With HCR's big data and resources in the CRM field, HCR Healthcare is the first to carry out the work regarding CRM data mining and modeling, customer labeling, life cycle management, and push of individualized marketing information for customers in the medical field, helping customers achieve intelligent business management.We have in-house data cleaning, labeling, modeling, and system development capabilities to provide customers with a one-stop, personalized marketing solutions.

Classic Cases

Medical Industry

Accurate marketing strategies combining big data and small data

Cooperation background

As innovative drug manufacturers, customers hope to gradually change the "one for all" marketing method based on offline promotion into a combination of online and offline sales - an individualized marketing model featuring "one thousand solutions for one thousand customers".


Big data and small data are combined to analyze doctors' medication preferences and characteristics, to carry out 360-degree labeling and subdivision of doctors, and find out different portraits of the corresponding doctors. HCR's services have not ended here. After that, the customer labeling data interaction platform has been developed, and the customer life cycle automatic trigger system has been deployed, realizing automatic push of individualized marketing information for different customers.

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