Tourism Industry

In the ever-changing information era, the tourism industry is faced with resource integration, transformation and upgrading. Can the original services and planning adapt to the needs of tourists in the new era? How can scenic spots improve their management capability and the optimization and upgrading of marketing models?

With the continuous development of modern science and technology, the concept of smart tourism has been accepted and applied by more and more scenic spots and cities. Smart tourism has become a new trend as well as new driving force for tourism market demand and tourism innovation and development.

With the increasing size and increasingly fierce market competition, scenic spots increasingly focus on building a smart tourism service and information platform to optimize the top-level design and marketing tools.

On this occasion, it is especially important to understand the resources, characteristics and needs of the scenic spots and create products that meet the needs of the scenic spots.

Service Types

Typical Services

Consumer behavior and attitude research

Relying on our large data centers and professional research teams, we provide timely, accurate and comprehensive information monitoring and analysis services for you by virtue of the powerful information monitoring and intelligent massive data analysis technologies.

Smart tourism research

With the advent of the information age, the technology supporting smart tourism has been gradually mature and perfect, and the application of smart tourism has become more and more popular.

By right of years of experience in the smart tourism industry, we can provide highly efficient tourist information services for you based on the cloud computing and big data.

Market positioning and marketing strategy

Based on the long-term service experience in the cultural tourism industry, we can conduct research on and analysis of the specific projects of customers in the early stage to identify the market positioning of the projects and tailor marketing strategies and solutions for customers.

All-media resource promotion planning

We can help customers to improve their visibility, reputation and brand image, take advantage of the influence and propagation speed of online and offline media resources, and conduct statistics and analysis of propagation effect and provide them for customers.

Classic Cases

Tourism Industry

Marketing planning service to a national 5A scenic spot

Cooperation background

A scenic spot is one of the first 5A-level scenic areas in China. With top tourism resources, it receives more than 30 million domestic and foreign tourists every year. The scenic spot needed to conform to the development of the information age to explore a new tourists-oriented scientific and effective path on the aspect of smart tourism business.


With the goal of improving the tourism facilitation level and industrial operation efficiency, HCR provided services such as scenic spot consumer research, competition pattern research and promotion planning for the scenic spot mainly by realizing intelligent tourism service, management, marketing and experience to meet the scenic spot's requirements for strengthening the top-level design, improving technical standards and integrating information resources.

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