Consumer Durables Industry

With the acceleration of global economic integration, the competition in the home appliance industry has broken the national boundaries, and the pace of asset restructuring between enterprises has accelerated! Under the waves of "Internet +" and artificial intelligence, the methodological experience and logical thinking formed by traditional home appliance enterprises over the past decades are unable to adapt. How to embrace "Internet +" and intelligence has become a key for traditional home appliance enterprises to gain a foothold in the market. Intelligence has become a new force for all home appliance enterprises in this era.

China's IT industry has developed rapidly, rising in terms of both quantity and quality, coupled with continued increase in international strength, high-end development of the product and service structure, and new breakthroughs in creation and innovation. The entire ecosystem under construction is also ushering in a new pattern.

The domestic mobile phone industry has been developing for nearly 20 years, and has experienced the upgrade of communication technology from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G. The products have also evolved from feature phones to smart phones. In this process, many domestic mobile phone brands became bigger and stronger, driving the domestic mobile phone industry to move from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese brands.

Service Types

Typical Services

Multi-category all-round innovation solutions

By understanding the full process requirements of consumers from "triggering scenarios and psychological purchase expectations to demand satisfaction", we provide you with not only ideas and directions for category innovation, but also prototypes of multiple innovation concepts in one stop, to help you get the best category prototypes and find users' pain points and innovative concepts.
Category innovation research covers all kinds of IT products, home appliances (small appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, clean health appliances, and 3D TVs) and mobile phone products.

Multi-category full process experience upgrade solutions

By understanding users' perception and pain points during use, we not only provide you with the directions and specific measures for product improvement, but also help you sort out the characteristics of the entire product line and evaluate product improvement measures from the perspective of product segmentation. You are also offered product enhancement suggestions that both guarantee adequate product segmentation and enhance user perception.
Product upgrade research covers all kinds of IT products, home appliances (water-consuming appliances, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen appliances, clean health appliances, and 3D TVs) and mobile phone products.

Online and offline multi-dimensional shopping behavior solutions

By gaining insight into the differences between consumers and shoppers, the differences between consumer willingness and purchase behavior, and all the factors that buyers see and feel about during the final stages of shopping in a consumer market, the key elements that have an impact on the final purchase decision are analyzed and found to help you find the contents and methods of communication that effectively influence the decisions of shoppers, and user portraits are put out, thereby to find the shopping process and painful needs of the same type of customers and provide enterprises with a consumer behavior model.

New retail terminal mystery customer solutions

With a mystery customer execution team of more than 5,000 members covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities and radiating the towns, we provide you with feedback on monitoring results within 24 hours and respond quickly to the monitoring needs of the headquarters. Besides, the detected contents cover all users' touch points of the entire process of the channel and run through the entire process of sales, services and marketing of terminal operations.Through in-depth exploration of experiential marketing as well as discovery and solving of the transaction conversion rate problem, we help enterprises improve the sales capacity of terminal personnel and achieve the improvement of terminal transaction conversion rate.

Classic Cases

Consumer Durables Industry

Multi-product full process experience upgrade solutions

Cooperation background

Before disruptive technology innovation or product iteration innovation, customers need to conduct user purchase behavior research, understand the product purchase decision process, and obtain users' complaints and pain points in product purchase experience and life experience as well as target users' acceptance and product suggestions.


HCR starts with consumers' purchase process and understands their purchase behavior and use in multiple dimensions, so as to gain insight into users' purchase and pain points during use, and to learn about and gain insight into a series of links from purchase motivation to considerations, from purchase choices to determination to purchase, from product use to painful requirements, as well as the full process from triggering of scenarios and psychological purchase expectations to satisfaction of needs. Enterprises are also offered user portraits and behavioral differences between different consumers.

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