Satisfaction and Loyalty

HCR's research on satisfaction and loyalty covers employees, upstream and downstream links and consumers, focusing on businesses' entire interest chain and their relationship with the stakeholders. Besides, solutions are provided.

Service Scenarios

Internal staff
Employee satisfaction ERM™
Downstream customers' loyalty BCRM™
Upstream customers' loyalty SRM™
Final consumers
Customer satisfaction ECSM™

Typical Services

ECRM™ customer loyalty

ECRM™ gains insight into the elements that drive customer loyalty and the relationships between the various elements from a new perspective.

Businesses are helped to identify the manner and effect of each element's impact.
Businesses are helped to improve customer loyalty.

ECSM™ customer satisfaction

ECSM™ successfully summarizes customer needs by introducing the results of the latest demand research theory, and helps businesses accurately measure, analyze and interpret customer satisfaction from the perspective of demand. The solutions provided from the two perspectives of customer needs and business operations are not just scattered improvement suggestions, but an overall solution that can be implemented.

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