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HCR innovation research introduces the latest behavioral economics theory and adds the comprehensive consideration of the following two systems, making test results more truthful and restoring consumer decision-making results in real life.

We Provide You With

System 1 (consumers' emotional judgment)
System 2 (consumers' rational thinking)

Service Scenarios

Before the marketing


IScreener™ creative screening

IChecker™ creative test


CScreener™ concept screening

IChecker™ creative test


PChecker™ product testing

NChecker™ name testing

SChecker™ sensory testing

Package™ packaging testing

Shape™ industrial appearance testing

Shelfing™ shelf testing

PSolu™ price study

O2UE™ online user experience

2OUE™ offline user experience

Msimulator™ market situation simulation

After the marketing


PE™ promotion effect evaluation


MTracker™ market performance tracking


PLOptimizer™ product line optimization

PLExtender™ product line extension

Typical Services

CScreener™ concept screening

CScreener™ achieves rapid concept screening by using i-Vote technology. At the test site, a concept can be modified according to the test results from time to time. The next round of testing can be carried out on the spot to generate the concept that survives finally.

CChecker™ concept testing

As a fast concept testing method, CChecker™ can identify, diagnose and optimize promising ideas.
CChecker™ uses the product in the market that is the most similar to the concept being tested as the benchmark rather than an obsolete Norm of another category.

Also, the following are taken into account during the measurement:

Consumers and brands
Particularity of different categories
The influence of consumers' irrational factors
To make test results more truthful and reliable

Package™ packaging testing

Package™, which truly restores consumers' actual purchase scenario in the store, obtains consumers' purchase decision-making by means of virtual shelf purchase and explores the factors that influence packaging behind the purchase reason through in-depth interview with consumers, helping businesses obtain packages of high recognition popularity.

PSolu™ price study

PSolu™ not only tests consumers' feelings about a single price, but also more truthfully restores consumers' comprehensive considerations of the price when making a purchasing decision. It takes into account the relationship between the dimensions such as product characteristics and brands and the price as well as the influence, thereby to help businesses decide on the best product and price combination.

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