Telecom Industry

In the era of mobile internet, the traditional voice revenue and value-added service revenue of telecom operators are declining. Operators not only face competition with OTT vendors, but also compete with virtual operators for user resources.How can they avoid being simple channels, make significant achievements in traffic operation, and make a "gorgeous turn"?

In the 3G and 4G eras, the gap between the comprehensive strength of the top three operators gradually narrows, and their respective competitive advantages emerge bit by bit. The space available for users to select further expands, but their loyalty is declining. How to retain high-value customers? The transformation of physical channels has become a fixed trend, and electronic channels are carrying more channel functions of customer experience. How to allow customers get the perfect service experience, purchase experience and business handling experience in the channels and thereby to attract customers? We provide a full range of data solutions and services for telecom operators and telecom equipment manufacturers.

Service Types

Typical Services

All-media information monitoring and communication effectiveness evaluation

From radio, television, outdoor to the Internet and social media, we provide you with information monitoring and effectiveness evaluation services covering the entire media; through capture of the most comprehensive mass media data, we help you analyze the effects and paths of social media communications, and provide you with not only assessment of communication effects and public image / reputation, but also thematic analysis of spread of big events.

Complaint data text analysis solutions

Based on in-depth understanding of users and operators, we carry out text analysis of user complaints and consulting data recorded on the hotline to help you analyze user needs and map results to various departments of the operators. In addition, through mining of combined data including hotline complaints, consulting data and internal operational data within the business analysis system of operators, we help you analyze and identify the opportunities in the traffic operations and the operations of middle and high-end customers.

Customer satisfaction monitoring and improvement

A huge CATI center and a strict standardized operation procedure help you accurately measure satisfaction; unique model analysis and multi-dimensional satisfaction driver analysis help you accurately identify the short board of improvement.

Real customer experience detection solutions

With traditional SMS, website channels, and various mobile Internet methods such as apps, WeChat and QR code, we help you instantly invite customers who have just experienced a product / service to evaluate it, thereby to get the most authentic customer feedback and monitor the quality of services and products in real time. Through multiple rounds of in-depth operations, we help you understand customer needs and identify areas for improvement.

Physical channel service marketing monitoring and promotion

With professional inspectors and electronic data collection methods (mobile app customer), we help you understand physical channel services in a timely and accurate manner.

Electronic channel operation monitoring and promotion

By setting monitoring quotas (time, period, place, browser, etc.) for automatic monitoring of the system, monitoring results are guaranteed to be scientific and effective; manual experiential monitoring is supplemented to ensure that test results reflect user experience.In addition to regular normative monitoring, we also provide you with consistency testing of customers between electronic channels, products, and channels.

Real network usage effect detection solutions

Under scientific operation management of time, location, user sampling and standards, an app is used to record the status of network when customers' real voices / data are used. Customers' real feelings during use are obtained through customer interviews to help you fully evaluate customer experience under different network conditions and effectively find the inflection point of customers' satisfaction / dissatisfaction with the network experience.

Mobile phone sales channel expansion solutions based on full network census

With an execution network covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities and radiating the towns as well as a census team of more than 5,000 members, by using the mobile internet app technology, we provide you with accurate, comprehensive and timely channel network information on channel resource census to effectively improve operators' channels competitiveness.

Channel competitiveness testing and evaluation

With more than 20 years of channel research experience in mobile phones, home appliances and other industries, based on the original four-force model (attraction, trust, adhesion and sales capacity), we provide accurate data support and consulting support for channel sales capacity improvement during the channel transformation period.

Mobile phone dealer satisfaction evaluation and promotion

Based on in-depth research and analysis of the relationship between dealers and operators, the relationship with dealers is improved from sales policy, operational support, supply, accounting and other aspects, thereby to increase the power of channels.

Operational services

Creation and operation of original contents: Original contents and creations in the form of graphic topics, live broadcast, videos, audios, creative pictures and comics are provided to promote user growth and sales conversion of self-owned platforms.
Content marketing events for the purpose of sales conversion: Professional online event planning, event page design, service interface design, document illustration design, advertising banner design, copywriting, and other daily support work
Brand operation: Brand image positioning, official website operation design, creative communication planning, new media communication planning, and new product concept planning
Data analysis: Advanced tools are used to out put detailed event data analysis reports.

High-end design

Planning consulting: Omnichannel product solutions, in-depth user research and design, product planning, corporate consulting, brand planning, and event planning
Graphic design: Logo design, folding design, packaging design, background board design, poster design, display rack design and mascot design
UI / UED design: App design, hardware terminal UI design, IoT IDC data visualization design, and OA system design

Technology development

Excellent technical development capabilities, platform construction and operation, construction of PC, mobile and WeChat platforms, HTML5 active development, small program development, mall platform construction, small game development, technically personalized docking or partial modification of existing events, new developments based on fixed interactions and UI logic, output of perfect event pages, and the like

Value-added services

Video production: We have excellent ability to shoot videos and create animated videos in various forms, including MG animation, high-end photographing, creative video shooting, and combinations of real scenes plus animation.
Audio processing: Processing of audio contents based on various product channels as well as optimization and synthesis of social media audio contents

Classic Cases

Telecom Industry

Big data analysis of customer behaviors of mobile phone products

Cooperation background

A Fortune 500 mobile phone company conducted in-depth analysis of global customers for its mobile phone products.


The data come from the daily behavior data of users' mobile phones and the data provided by the app / mobile phone manufacturer. Models are created through inductive modeling based on users' usage behavior patterns and pure machine learning based on user attribute classification. In addition to all-around portraying of users, in-depth analysis of specific population segments is carried out to predict users' follow-up behaviors and make pre-judgment of current users' change of mobile phones.

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