Consumer Insight

HCR Consumer Insight will comprehensively analyze the emotional and rational factors that affect the brand and interpret the brand more thoroughly and clearly.

We Provide You With

Knowledge about consumers through questionnaires and interviews
Search and analysis of comprehensive data based on interview information and corporate backstage customer data information
Comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes
Understanding of brands from the perspective of consumers
Evaluation and analysis of brands the perspective of businesses

Service Scenarios



AUB™ consumer attitudes, behaviors and habits


Shopper™ shopping research


UNN™ demand exploration


MO™ market segmentation



BSwitch™ brand conversion


BEquity™ brand equity


BHealth™ brand health


BPosition brand positioning

Typical Services

AUB™ consumer attitudes, behaviors and habits

The traditional U&A research completely understands users' behaviors and attitudes from the perspective of research, while users' consumption habits can be directly explored in the data kept by businesses.
As a combination of traditional research and big data, AUB™, an abbreviation of attitude, usage and behavior, helps businesses understand consumers more comprehensively and thoroughly.

AUB™ can analyze the following relationships:

Consumers and brands
Consumers and consumers
Products and products
Consumers and products

Shopper™ shopping research

Shopper™ clearly defines the difference between consumers and shoppers as well as that between the willingness to spend and the behavior of buying.
Knowledge about all the factors that buyers see and feel about during the final stages of shopping in a consumer market is gained.
The factors that ultimately contribute to the purchase at the sales terminal are analyzed.
Businesses are helped to find ways that effectively influence shoppers.

BEquity™ brand equity

BEquity™ takes into account the two factors of sensibility and rationality from the perspectives of consumers and businesses, and understands brands based on cross-analysis of four dimensions, to help businesses find practical brand improvement ways.

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