Industrial Sector

What's the problem with the declining corporate performance and the growth rate which is outperformed by the overall market or in contradiction with that? How about the current development of competitors? What business strategies do they have to draw on?
Does China's constant release of new policies mean opportunities or risks or both to an enterprise? How to make full use of the opportunities brought by the policies? How do competitors respond to this?

Are the data on overall assessment of the market obtained from internal departments especially first-line sales departments accurate? How to obtain fair, objective and accurate judgment on the entire market to help enterprises develop reasonable business objectives and strategies?
Is it possible for an enterprise that gained significant development in the existing application market to enter any other application segment? Which business model and business strategy should be adopted?

Service Types

Typical Services

Industry research

With more than 20 years of professional research experience in more than 160 segments, we provide you with industry consulting and insight into the overall market and market segments.Having an extensive network of industry experts and senior research experts focused on a variety of industries, we can provide enterprises with solutions that have an impact on business models from the perspective of corporate business.

Market entry

Not only is a sophisticated generic model used to help you choose a more appropriate entry model, but also a separate first-hand data study is carried out and you are offered an actionable market entry recommendation according to the particular situation of your business.

Due diligence

In the principles of objectivity, fairness and prudence, the true status quo and development trend of the target business are revealed through 360-degree scanning and analysis to reduce the risks you face in investment, debt, and partnership.

Competitive intelligence (CI)

A research team with more than 20 years of professional experience in more than 160 segments not only provides detailed and accurate competitive intelligence information, but also analyzes and observes the information to help you solve business problems.

Application segment research

With an extensive network of industry experts and senior research experts focused on a variety of industries as well as over 20 years of experience, we will help you assess market size and select entry models before entering a new application segment.

IPO information services - market segment research & fundraising feasibility study

IPO information services provide professional, detailed and accurate industry research support for the business and technical chapters / industry overviews in the corporate prospectus, offering an escort for enterprises' successful application. (We have assisted many enterprises in the second successful attempt for IPO.)

Classic Cases

Industrial Sector

Market research on the labor protection supplies industry

Cooperation background

Needs of market research on the labor protection products industry


HCR and China Textile Commerce Association jointly released the first White Paper on the Big Data of China's Labor Protection Products Industry. We use market research methods to conduct comprehensive investigations, statistics and in-depth interviews with industry-related enterprises and personnel. The White Paper which comprehensively reflects the development status and development direction of China's labor protection products industry is intended to help related enterprises and practitioners understand the development status and development direction of the industry, and to provide reference for enterprises to apply big data technology for high-quality development and transformation.

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