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With the continuous derivation of brands, the competition in the fast-moving consumer goods market is becoming increasingly fierce. Such competition is reflected not alone in intensive promotion campaigns against final consumers, but also in competitions for the channels. As foreign brands gradually increase investment in China, the living space of domestic brands has been squeezed. The share of modern channels is growing, while that of traditional channels is shrinking. Consumers are increasingly affected by retail terminal market events. Both manufacturers and retailers are beginning to focus on investing in consumer research.

How to innovate and produce unique new products and expand new growth points as the homogenization of products in the market becomes more and more serious? In the era of mobile internet, consumers and the market have undergone tremendous changes. Do traditional research methods still apply? Do previous databases and Norm values still apply?

Service Types

Typical Services

Consumer U&A research

We provide you with the contents about consumer use and attitudes included in the usual U&A research. Besides, based on the data on consumers' purchase and transaction habits recorded by enterprises backstage, two methods of statistical analysis and data mining are combined to analyze the relationship between consumers and brands, between consumers and consumers, between products and products, and between consumers and products, and to help you understand consumers more comprehensively and thoroughly.

Concept testing

In addition to the indicators included in the traditional concept test, the indicators of System 1 (sensible aspect) are added according to the latest behavioral economics research results, so that the test results more truthfully restore the consumer decision results in real life, helping you accurately identify the promising concepts. Besides, the products that are most similar to the tested concept in the market are used as the benchmark, and the particularity of various categories and the influence of consumers' irrational factors are considered in the measurement, so that the test results are more truthful and reliable.

Product testing

You are helped to select the most effective product formula and find the direction of improvement; based on the performance of the products, the specific description that best suits to the concept is identified, so as to find the best publicity angle. In addition, product testing combined with conceptual and price testing can also effectively predict sales.

Brand / ad tracking

We not only help you track brand performance for a long time, but also separately identify the role of each ad / event in the overall effect of brand performance improvement, thereby to evaluate the ROI of each ad / event, and to help you use the promotion event funds more accurately and reasonably and achieve better results.

Channel detection

With a testing team of more than 5,000 members covering tier 1 to tier 6 cities and radiating the towns, we help you monitor the distribution, market situation, prices, promotions, and promotion staff's work in a timely manner, respond quickly and effectively, adjust and improve channel strategies in a timely manner, optimize the resource allocation, and improve the return on investment.

Classic Cases

Retail Industry

Online community research

Cooperation background

As a nationwide fast food group, the customer has a large number of consumer research and insight projects every year. Before that, it spent much money and time on these projects each year.


We have established a nationwide online consumer community covering large, medium and small cities for the customer. Various quantitative and qualitative research projects can be conducted in a short period of time. Dozens of insight research projects, including concept tests, promotional tests and advertising tests, can be conducted for customers in a short period of time each year. The customer has made comparisons internally. The findings of similar projects conducted through our online community research are more accurate and cost shorter time and less money. Not only that, the online research community can also conduct many life scenario researches through diary, video and other means to provide first-hand information and insight for customers' innovative business.

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