Environmental Protection Industry

Jining Air Quality Big Data Analysis and Decision-making Platform

Cooperation background

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we must resolutely win the "blue sky protection war." In the first quarter of 2016, Jining's urban air quality ranked last of the province, and therefore was interviewed by the provincial environmental protection department. Jining urgently needs to improve air quality and improve the living environment of residents.


According to the location of sewage discharging enterprises, wind direction, sensitive targets, corporate pollution characteristics and other information, a grid-based online monitoring and early warning system with scientific layouts and complete configurations is built, to realize real-time online monitoring and early warning supervision of corporate atmospheric pollution factors, to comprehensively grasp the emission data of the monitored areas, to quickly capture abnormal discharge of pollutants, and to achieve real-time warning. Besides, based on big data, neural network and other methods, a gas pollution rapid decision-making and assessment system is established, multiple pollution reduction proposals are offered for the urban area to promote the overall process of environmental emergency management and effectively prevent and properly handle all kinds of sudden environmental incidents.

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