HCR New Product Release Conference (Beijing Station)-Business Remodeling, and Em

Source: Unknown Date: 2019-04-24 06:20:00
HCR "Intelligent Future" New Product Release Conference (Beijing Station) was held on April 23. Above two hundred representatives from all industries gathered together, to jointly discuss the new mode that combines big data, artificial intelligence and business with HCR. Upon the invitation of HCR, Zhong Yixin, academician and expert of senior artificial intelligence and Yao Tong, Cooperation Partner of HCR and Vice President of Strategic Cooperation in 360 Company also attended the site and delivered keynote speeches. 

Zhao Long, President and CEO of HCR pointed out that, the essence of enterprise development is efficiency and increase. As the future development trend, the key to apply big data relies on: The in-depth combination with the industry application scenes, the time to accumulate enterprise data and the spreading of enterprise application departments; HCR can be recognized by industrial clients because of its self-innovation, industrial chain merger and energization, and only when it is focused on current practicability can it have a perspective future.

However, as COO, Mr. Liu Xiaokui explained the transformation of HCR in the new digital era in details. He expressed that HCR is also engaged in remodeling ourselves while striving to apply big data and new technical remodeling business. HCR not only focuses on previous data insight, but also focuses on implementing data integration forward, developing data application backward. It has its own complete set of big data product development methodology in constant product R&D, and also has a series of professional departments from underlying data processing to algorithm, R&D, products and client service. 


 New highlights of the conference: Academic focus, explaining the reform of "contemporary scientific paradigm" 

During the conference, HCR is lucky to invite Academician Zhong Yixin to share the Reform of Contemporary "Scientific Scope" with People. Academician Zhong analyzed how to better apply data in enterprises from the technical perspective of artificial intelligence by virtue of his high achievements in senior artificial intelligence and communication principle. Academician Zhong shared with us that: With the fast development of AI technologies, man-machine integration becomes a valid implementation direction, we should know about where to guide and apply data based on human experience; however, the technical functionality has also largely increased the accuracy and implementation for people to apply data. HCR also believes that, as technologies become constantly matured, more and more big data products will become possible, assist enterprises in development, and create more possibilities for the future. 


New highlights of the conference: Powerful combination, jointly promoting "intelligent business geological capacity platform" 

In this "Intelligent Future" New Product Release Conference, HCR cooperated with 360, and released big data capacity platform--intelligent business geological capacity platform, which is a capacity platform based on population data, map POI data, behavioral data and image data in combination with big data analysis capacity. 

As a leading enterprise of intelligent products, intelligent phones and internet security service in China, 360 Company has rich product lines in data, and can also realize real-time monitoring from searching, browsing to activation and download, with extremely rich data volumes. By combining with strategic investment and ecological cooperation, it can further supplement data comprehensiveness. However, HCR has an in-depth and comprehensive insight analysis method, and has also labeled patent algorithm and passenger flow algorithm, multi-industry consulting teams and other industrial consulting service capacity. 

Yao Tong, Vice President of 360 Strategic Cooperation also shared with us practical experience at site. Yao Tong pointed out that: The era of internet and the industry is always changing, and young people are the main force of consumption. Their time is more fragmented, and demands are more individualized and self-involved, and the traditional marketing mode oriented to "surface behaviors" has no longer made it possible to position consumers' demands accurately. We need to dig out the actual demands of consumers under the surface, then realize accurate and intelligent marketing on this basis, so it has a profound understanding about consumers and the demand is higher for the artificial intelligence equipped with all media data collection and summary. 


New highlights of the conference: Four new big data products are released at the same time 

During the release conference, HCR also published four new big data products in one time, and helped enterprises stand out in the new marketing mode. 

1. One-stop new sales: The overall solution of new retail for the entire process from store planning and design to accurate marketing has gathered big data, consumption route model, customer group pictures, CRM marketing and other functions, and can improve clients' loyalty and value comprehensively.

 1. Huiyi Marketing platform: In the doctor marketing platform based on SaaS mode, the rich labels and multi-dimensional data analysis can meet various demands, and help pharmaceutical enterprises transmit relevant information towards the target group. 

1. Intelligent tourism: The tourism operation business system driven by data can provide tourists with accurate service closed loop before, during and after the tourism, and help tourism enterprises improve operational effectiveness. 

1. Intelligent tourism: Ecological environment big data service cloud platform can help improve the government's management capacity in intelligent environmental protection, and the construction of ecological civilization city, improve management level and public satisfaction degree and accelerate the step to improve urban environment and build ecological civilization city. 

HCR has made a lot of innovations in big data industry by development and hard work, and has been recognized by clients and insiders within a few years based on its capacity to fast build a feasible big data service system, which can meet the actual demands of current enterprise clients for big data technologies. HCR will adhere to its original intention, keep constant innovation in data intelligence field, dig out big data value, improve self-benefits, promote big data industry to develop deeper and further. It has been the objective and direction of HCR to help you realize a more intelligent future.