Leadership of Inner Mongolia Film Group Visited to HCR for the Program Negotiati

Source: Unknown Date: 2019-04-01 07:03:15
The Second Meeting of 13th National People's Congress of People's Republic of China was opened in Beijing on March 5, 2019, and the "prompting and deepening the R&D and application of big data, artificial intelligence and aspects" remained the top priority in the government report of this year. 

The "big data" has been referred in the government report of the State Council for successive six years. During the two sessions, numerous representatives of National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference positively put forward their proposals about the way to deepen the R&D and application of big data and contributed their wisdom to the construction of powerful data country one after another. As for the big data enterprises, the national support and market demand laid a wide prospect in the future, and HCR as the big data solution provider devoted to serving the government bodies and enterprises also ushered the important business delegation during the two sessions. 

On the afternoon of March 14, Xi Lin (Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of Inner Mongolia Film Group subordinate to the propaganda department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region), Ma Yanli (General Manger of Inner Mongolia Film Group International Culture Investment Company), Liang Bo (Office Director of Inner Mongolia Film Group), Liu Tao (Information Expert of Inner Mongolia Film Group) visited to the headquarters of HCR in Beijing for the program investigation and exchange, and Zhao Long (Director and CEO of HCR) attended the conversation and exchanges together with the members of culture and tourism undertaking department. 


Zhao Long firstly expressed his warm welcome to all leadership of Inner Mongolia Film Group, and subsequently shared the development history of HCR with all leadership —— HCR is one data intelligence solution provider rooted in the field of data analysis and with the focus on the insight of business nature which serves government bodies at various levels and the world enterprises Top 500 for the long term. HCR assists customers to improve the management efficiency and scientific decision-making ability, innovate the business mode and increase the benefits by means of the fully data-driven and professional scientific and technological models. It has won many honors in the field of big data professional analysis and application. 

Miss Ma Yanli (General Manger of Inner Mongolia Film Group International Culture Investment Company) introduced their purposes of this visit and the future thought of deep cooperation in the culture and tourism to colleagues of HCR. Miss Ma Yanli mentioned that the culture has an inestimable value in the tourism experience, the demand of tourism consumers gradually becomes diversified under the digital environment, the tourism industry is urgent to be transformed, and the commercial mode and product services are needed to be upgraded. As one brave and sunny Mongolian women, Miss Ma Yanli was brought up in the Inner Mongolia grassland with a vast territory and abundant resources, and she was deeply engaged in the culture and media industry for many years, and familiar with the rich tourism resources, cultural resources and national features of Inner Mongolia. Under the background of "Culture and Tourism Integration" greatly advocated by China, Inner Mongolia Film Group wishes to link with the tourism industry by means of its high quality and rich cultural resources and create the Culture + Tourism Integration Platform to show the cultural charm of Inner Mongolia to tourists across the world through the currently advanced technologies and big data algorithm. 

Fei Danhui (Principal of Culture and Tourism Undertaking Department) showed the HCR's solution specific to the Culture + Tourism Integration to all leadership of Inner Mongolia Film Group. Based on the core of data-driven business, HCR will the universal smart tourism service platform, smart tourism precise marketing platform, smart tourism interactive experience platform and other data products to Inner Mongolia Film Group to realize the product innovation and upgrading. Facing to C end, HCR Culture and Tourism Undertaking Department will work with Inner Mongolia Film Group to reach users by means of small applications as the main entrance of online flow, and provide tourists with the information, tourism guidance, explanation, positioning and other service functions. Facing to B end, HCR Culture and Tourism Undertaking Department will provide a complete set of solutions specific to the operation and management of scenic area based on the actual situation of scenic area, extract and purify the culture in the scenic area, and try to carry out a series of non-ticket commercial activities such as the experience tourism, line tourism and cultural innovation to help Inner Mongolia Film Group to build their own cultural IP and improve the culture vitality and influence of Inner Mongolia Film Group. 


Xi Lin, Director of Inner Mongolia Film Group expressed his high recognition to the data and service ability of HCR. He introduced the situation of Inner Mongolia Film Group Co., Ltd. in details. Inner Mongolia Film Group is a stated-owned culture enterprise with a long history, and composed of Inner Mongolia Film Studio, Inner Mongolia Film Distribution and Exhibition Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia National Film Translation Center, Inner Mongolia National Film Cinema Chain Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Xinghe Rural and Pastoral Area Digital Film Cinema Chain Co., Ltd., etc. Inner Mongolia Film Group participates in the production, distribution and exhibition of films and teleplays and the construction of cinema chains and has the rich content and channel resources. The first feature film after the establishment of new China - Victories in Inner Mongolia was produced and distributed by Inner Mongolia Film Group. 

Except for the traditional film and television works, Inner Mongolia Film Group also produced a batch of excellent digital products. Liu Tao, Information Expert of Inner Mongolia Film Studio emphatically highlighted one music app in Chinese and Mongolian developed by Inner Mongolia Film Group. The music app includes the local information, national music, MV and other information in Inner Mongolia, also has the voice audio recording and pushes the domestic and foreign information, and it is currently popular with music lovers in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, etc. Inner Mongolia Film Group also wants to realize the innovation and upgrading of existing digital products and better spread the Inner Mongolia culture around the world by means of the data ability of HCR. 

After listening to the introduction by Director Xi Lin, Zhao Long expressed that HCR has strong data analysis ability and rich customer service experience, and can help Inner Mongolia Film Group to rebuild the business ecosystem and promote the user service ability from the top-level design to the product development and operation (from large to small). With the deepening of future cooperation, HCR wishes to work with Inner Mongolia Film Group to explore and promote the deep integration and development of culture and tourism industry in Inner Mongolia and create better social and economic benefits.