Media Industry

In the increasingly complex media forms, traditional media are faced with resource integration and transformation. Can the original layouts, columns, contents and expressions adapt to the needs of readers in the new era? How should traditional media plan the layouts?
With the advent of We-Media and social media, each user is a maker of information, and traditional media have been slowly peeled off the role of news makers. How can editors and journalists find news materials in time, track and report in the face of hot topics and emergencies posted on various emerging information channels?

With the diversification of media, advertisers have more choices of media. In the face of new media and new technologies, their advertising effects are more and more difficult to measure. As authoritative, mainstream media with a wide coverage, newspapers have always been an important part of released media combination, but the decline in the audience's contacts with newspapers is an indisputable fact. Are all newspapers falling? How does the release of mainstream newspapers change?

Service Types

Typical Services

Network / social media / We-Media information monitoring (H&T News, public opinion monitoring system)

Relying on a large data center with 300 servers, a professional manual editing and review team and a research team of nearly 100 members, and powerful public opinion information monitoring and massive data intelligent analysis technologies, we provide you with timely, accurate and comprehensive information monitoring and analysis services.

Public opinion communication reporting service

By virtue of daily reports, weekly reports, monthly reports and special reports, we intend to help enterprises to look at their own media communication, to pay attention to the feedback about communication of enterprises, products services, as well as information landing dissemination, to master the communication dynamics of competitive enterprises and competitive products, to grasp the trend of industrial development, to focus on macroeconomic changes such as policies and industries, and to adjust the communication strategy in stages according to the marketing plan.

Corporate reputation risk control system

Enterprises are helped to promptly find risky public opinions, which are rated according to media value, media influence and dissemination speed. Corporate crisis is detected and handled as early as possible, by ways of real-time statistics of crisis index, analysis of the influence of brand reputation, assignment of tasks on line, tracking of crisis management, evaluation of crisis management efficiency, discovery of key crisis sources, establishment of databases, and continued tracking management.

Public relations manuscript landing monitoring

With the advent of the Internet era, the layout of a variety of new media such as portals, blogs, forums, Weibo, WeChat and APPs has gradually been formed. The Internet has become the most important camp for enterprises to carry out reputation publicity. Every year, a large amount of money is invested in online publicity. A manuscript is submitted, but where is it submitted? Is the delivery effective? These have been problems for enterprises to solve immediately. Through real-time targeted monitoring, customers are helped to learn about the efficiency of PR communication promptly.

Brand and product reputation insight

By establishing brand-specific and product-specific feature reputation evaluation models and effectively analyzing product strengths and weaknesses, we will provide the marketing departments and product departments of the enterprises with data support for improvement strategies.

Classic Cases

Media Industry

Jining Air Quality Big Data Analysis and Decision-making Platform

Cooperation background

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we must resolutely win the "blue sky protection war." In the first quarter of 2016, Jining's urban air quality ranked last of the province, and therefore was interviewed by the provincial environmental protection department. Jining urgently needs to improve air quality and improve the living environment of residents.


According to the location of sewage discharging enterprises, wind direction, sensitive targets, corporate pollution characteristics and other information, a grid-based online monitoring and early warning system with scientific layouts and complete configurations is built, to realize real-time online monitoring and early warning supervision of corporate atmospheric pollution factors, to comprehensively grasp the emission data of the monitored areas, to quickly capture abnormal discharge of pollutants, and to achieve real-time warning. Besides, based on big data, neural network and other methods, a gas pollution rapid decision-making and assessment system is established, multiple pollution reduction proposals are offered for the urban area to promote the overall process of environmental emergency management and effectively prevent and properly handle all kinds of sudden environmental incidents.

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